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Serene blue grey stone with copper veins flowing through, recreating the beauty of quartzite

Blue Roma

SKU: VQS 181

Blue Roma is a testament to sophisticated design in porcelain, unveil the captivating portrayal of natural beauty. Its base, a serene blue-grey hue reminiscent of the most tranquil waters, is gracefully embellished with delicate veins of copper, echoing the earth's ancient elegance. The allure of Blue Roma extends beyond its aesthetic appeal. Crafted with precision and ingenuity, this porcelain slab offers unparalleled durability, surpassing the limitations of its natural stone counterparts. Resistant to stains, scratches, and the passage of time, it stands as a testament to both practicality and luxury. Get the look and feel of quartzite with our natural finish. Visit a dealer of Verona porcelain near you to see the stone in person. 

Slab Size: 126" x 64" | Thickness: 0.5" ( 12MM ) 

Material: Porcelain | Application: Interior & Exterior Surfaces 

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