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White statuario marble look porcelain, with broad veining strokes in a timeless material for stoneware

Statuario Classic

SKU: VQS 1623

Statuario Classic are Italian porcelain slabs that capture the essence of prized Statuario marble, meticulously replicating its soft white background and dramatic grey veining. Unlike natural marble, however, porcelain slabs offer a multitude of advantages: effortless maintenance, scratch resistant, etch resistance, stain resistance and affordability. Invest in timeless appeal: Statuario Classic porcelain slabs offer the enduring beauty of marble with the exceptional performance of modern technology. Slab specifications: 126" x 64" | 0.5" (12mm) thickness | Book-Matched 

Slab Size: 126" x 64" | Thickness: 0.5" ( 12MM ) 

Material: Porcelain | Application: Interior & Exterior Surfaces 

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