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Our Prime Focus 

Calacatta Quartz Kitchen

To be an industry-leading quartz brand with innovative designs that capture the look and feel of natural stone. Throughout the long three-decade period that the founders of Verona Quartz have been in the stone industry: marble, granite, and quartzite were the prime choices for kitchen/bathroom countertops until the market shifted. 

Quartz is an engineered stone also known as agglomerated or artificial stone. Creating quartz is well managed, cost-effective, and gives homeowners/contractors the ease of living with peace of mind. Quartz is known for its complex, impenetrable surface. We thrive to curate an experience for the trade that is unmatched; treating each client with loyalty and fair trade practices. As a wholesale quartz brand, we cater to kitchen and bathroom showrooms, contractors, interior designers, and stone fabricators. 


Quartzite, Marble, And Granite 

The main stones used up until the late 2000's served the market well, they are a natural form of art through mineral mining. The stones mentioned were the main stone in almost every household. Before quartz became globally recognized as the #1 choice for interior countertops the brand was focused on natural stone during the late 90s to early 2000s. 


The issue with natural marble, granite, and quartzite arises with the upkeep, inconsistency,  energy consumption, quality control, and minimal guarantee. Our goal is to curate and supply engineered stone as an energy-efficient solution to countertops, shower walls, wall-clad, shower benches, flooring, and backsplash. Quartz is easy to fabricate and upkeep, no sealing is required.

Calacatta Quartz 

Quartz With The Marble Look

We continuously work to create new calacatta quartz, not just the typical white and grey veined slab. Every pattern we have in our selection of over 15 calacatta designs has been designed and created by hand all while consistently improving over the years. Now that quartz looks as it performs the use of the slab is endless; create show-stopping showers, wall decor, and surfaces that boast pure elegance and marvelous taste. Our Calacatta from our exotic marble series has depth and multiple colors in each vein.  Although quartz may not be installed outdoors, covered patios and kitchenettes are a great use for our products.

Carrara Quartz 

Classic And Timeless Stone 

As marble has inspired the majority of our quartz selection, Carrara marble has certainly left a mark as well. Just as marble is created from one block, our quartz is designed to have matching grain from one slab to another. Marble is a popular stone because of its beauty and is remembered for its deep history. Our quartz has blue-grey veins with a white base, essentially the same concept as natural marble. The essential part of using quartz countertops and having a full stone backsplash is to find book-matching slabs from the same batch production. Every surface distributed by Verona Quartz has a matching pair in stock, utilizing this advantage; rest assured if you need to have a seam, it will be one that is hardly even there. 

Marble Quartz

Why Quartz Is The Industry Leading Countertop Choice

  • Cost Effective 

  • Consistent 

  • Variety 

  • Warranty 

  • Luxurious 

  • Non-Bacterial

  • Stain/Scratch Resistant 

  • Flexural Strength 

  • Mineral Dense

  • Marble Look 

  • Ecological 

  • Eco-Friendly 

  • Readily Available

  • Domestic

  • SGS Certified 

  • NSF Certified 

  • Green Guard

  • Quality Certified  

  • Many Finishes Available

  • No Sealing Required 

  • Minimal Upkeep 

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