No Maintenance 

No Sealing

Lifetime Warranty




Family Owned

Our company saw potential in quartz products, as the demand for natural stone products declined. Not only is the product a more durable stone, we believe in its entirety. We want to educate the common homeowner of the Life-Time benefits. 

Eco Friendly

Throughout the production process of fabricating each stone countertop, 100% of all water used is recycled. Each of our slabs contains approximately 75% recycled content. Finally, each countertop is bound by an environmentally friendly resin to harden the finished stone product.

Quality and Safety

Every Verona Quartz counter-top is finished with a stain-resistant, impact-resistant, scratch-resistant surface. This durable finish provides you with an exceptional level of protection against bacteria in your kitchen. Non-porous and non-absorbent, so you never have to worry about bacterial growth.

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