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A stone surface with a exquisite blend of creamy whites, subtle beiges, and delicate veining

Taj Mahal Natural

SKU: VQS 1942

Taj mahal natural epitomizes natural elegance with its exquisite blend of creamy whites, subtle beiges, and delicate veining. The color palette exudes warmth and sophistication, evoking the serene ambiance of a luxurious oasis.Experience Tajmahal Natural, an exquisite Italian porcelain meticulously crafted to emulate the timeless elegance of natural quartzite. Our porcelain variation flawlessly captures the essence of pure Taj Mahal quartzite, offering unparalleled beauty without the hassle of maintenance or the need for surface sealing. Revel in the opulence of Tajmahal Natural porcelain, where sophistication meets practicality. Elevate your space with the enduring allure of Taj Mahal quartzite, reimagined in a seamless and enduring porcelain form. From kitchen countertops to bathroom vanities, flooring to feature walls, its timeless beauty elevates any environment with understated luxury. Visit a slab yard / stone dealer near you. 

Slab Size: 126" x 64" | Thickness: 0.5" ( 12MM ) 

Material: Porcelain | Application: Interior & Exterior Surfaces 

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