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A large warehouse filled with stone slabs, the focal point of the image is a white quartz slab designed to look like marble with big arching veins

Best Countertop Store In Los Angeles, CA

Verona Quartz Surfaces Has Always Strived To Do Better! We design and distribute 92 colors of quartz surfaces and porcelain slabs in LA. See what customers in your area have to say about our unmatched quartz and porcelain surfaces. 

Same Day Deliverey

Transform your space at the speed of inspiration. With an unparalleled selection of premium quality slabs, Verona ensures that your choices are not limited by time constraints!

First Choice Quality

Lab Tested 

SGS Certified 

NSF Certified 

Green Guard

Best Pricing

For a top quartz brand, providing competetive prices is possible because we are one of the largest distributors of engineered stones. Although we do volume, our quartz is produced using the finest minerals/content. 

Expert Kitchen Designers

The expert designer will have in-depth knowledge about these materials and can guide you on which one would best suit your requirements in terms of aesthetics, durability, maintenance, and budget.

Grade A Quartz

The purity and quality of the quartz used in engineered quartz countertops significantly contribute to their durability, hygiene, aesthetics, and customization options. 

Wide Variety Of Stones

We are working around the clock to provide our clients with the best in quality and style. Feel free to visit us in Los Angeles, CA to see our vast selection of quartz and porcelain. 

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