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Quartzite Countertops

Quartzite: Quartzite is a natural stone that forms from sandstone under high pressure and heat. It is primarily composed of quartz grains fused together with other minerals such as silica, mica, and feldspar. Quartzite gives homeowners/developers access to exotic stone looks, translucent stone backgrounds and exclusivity.

Since quartzite is a natural stone it must be sealed and needs T.L.C! Quartzite countertops often have a more natural and varied appearance with unique veining and patterns. Colors range from whites and greys to pinks, blues, and browns.

Quartzite countertops tend to be more expensive than quartz countertops due to their natural origin and unique patterns. Quartz countertops are generally more affordable than quartzite countertops, although prices can vary depending on the brand, color, and design.

Verona's 2024 line card includes the quartzite look, in quartz surfaces. Imagine surfaces that don't require sealing or heavy maintenance. When considering your countertop, take into account the price for material, labor and ongoing maintenance. Quartz helps keep the cost controlled, since it is an engineered stone. If you are looking for quartz countertops in Los Angeles feel free to visit one of our locations: Sun Valley, CA | Sylmar, CA | North Hollywood, CA

To see our quartz selection visit this link: QUARTZITE QUARTZ SURFACES

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