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Best Porcelain Slabs | Our Top Choices

Planning on enhancing your residential or commercial space?

Stone preferences can vary based on factors such as design trends, personal preferences, regional influences, concept, space size and color scheme. We'd like to take a deeper look and help you choose the most functional and versatile stone option for your kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, countertop, bar, wall-clad, stairs and floors.

When it comes to porcelain know all of the benefits that the stone offers:

  • Define Your Purpose and Environment: Understanding how and where you will use the porcelain slabs is crucial. Choose from 5 different finishes of Porcelain.

  • High-Traffic Areas: Select durable Italian slabs that can withstand heavy foot traffic, such as hallways, kitchens, and living rooms.

  • Aesthetic Goals: Decide if you want to create a focal point with a striking slab or if you prefer a more subtle, cohesive look. Consider how the slabs will complement other elements in the space, such as cabinets, fixtures, and furniture.

Our Favorite Porcelain Options For Interior / Exterior Home Improvement

Porcelain Color Family: White

Porcelain Color Family: Taupe, Biscuit, Gold, Ivory And Earthy/Warm

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