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Quartz is an engineered stone designed for durability. Because it is engineered, there is an immense range of natural modern, and rich colors, bold veining, and limitless color combinations. This has made Quartz countertops a new favorite. Quartz counters are made from one of the hardest materials on earth and bonded with resin making quartz countertops a non-porous surface which makes it difficult to stain and easy to clean, and extremely low maintenance.

There are numerous types of countertops available in the market and it is often a challenge for many house owners to decide which countertop they should go for. Made from one of the hardest material found on the planet, quartz countertops are probably the most durable countertops available. Granite countertops are beautiful and scratch resistant as well.

To aid you in the process of picking the right countertop, here are a few






Unlike any other natural stone countertop, quartz countertops can be crafted with control over their appearance. The production process for quartz countertops allows a manufacturer to make sure that the color and pattern is spread uniformly over the whole countertop surface. Also, there are no defects in the slab, making it a straightforward choice over any other natural stone countertop.



High or low, every house owner has a budget to follow for building a home or renovations. Needless to say, everyone wants the best value out of the money they invest. Not only is a quartz countertop less expensive than exotic granite ones, but it is also more durable and certainly lives up to its cost in the long run.



Since quartz countertops are made of ninety-three percent quartz and a 7 percent resin binder along with some colors, it is extremely hard and much stronger than marble or granite. Even with this type of strength, a quartz countertop can still be cut out using same cutting equipment as other stones.



Unlike granite and marble, which come under the porous category of countertops and have microscopic capillary channels in between their minerals, quartz countertops are non-porous. It does not require any sealing and is also stain resistant, which makes them the best choice for a kitchen.



To prevent attacks from bacteria and germs, natural stone countertops must be sealed regularly and this adds to their maintenance cost as well. Unlike granite or marble, a quartz countertop does not require any sealing or routine maintenance.



Various countertop brands manufacture quartz countertops in a way to make them hygienic. It reduces the likelihood of bacteria growing over your countertop and thus makes it hygienic for your family for preparing food or even eating. When deciding on which brand to choose, make sure that the product is NSF (national sanitation foundation) certified.


-Color consistency

Some granite slabs like black granites are dyed in order to make them attractive and improve the profile. But in the long run, these dyes fade away and your counter-top appearance changes. Unlike granite, quartz countertops are color consistent and the color is spread uniformly throughout the slab’s surface.

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