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Quartz Vs. Granite

quartz countertops

Granite, Marble and many other natural stones are porous and require very high maintenance. The absolute reason why quartz is believed to be the more superior stone is due to the fact that it's non-porous.


With marble especially, the variation from the slab-to slab is drastically apparent, different color tones completely and even unusual vein structure (calacatta marbles). Quartz countertops are uniform, Verona Quartz Surfaces is a manufacturer of 50 different gradients/hues. With an engineered stone, the color options are endless. 


In today's contemporary/modern trend, a quartz countertop is an ideal solution. Our stone is easy to clean, non-absorbent, bacteria free, eco-friendly, indoor air quality safe. Natural quartz surfaces engineered to the highest standard of technology; Verona surfaces are versatile for any interior application.

Backed by a lifetime warranty enjoy beauty for a lifetime. 


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Read more about quartz countertops and it's superior advantage over natural stones such as Granite, Quartzite and Marble.  

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