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Types Of Countertops

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Quartz countertops, porcelain slabs, granite, marble countertops, quartzite slabs, butcher block, sintered stone and many more. During the process of choosing your new kitchen; having endless options is great until you have one too many!

Imagine walking into a stone yard that has all sorts of designs that replicate the look and feel of every stone: welcome to Verona Quartz. While we have a vast selection of countertop materials, our design team curates the versatile designer select colors and patterns to make your kitchen, bathroom, furniture tops, wall stone upgrade: timeless.

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Typically natural stone may attain water spots or rings from cups of water or that mug of coffee in the morning. Our quartz surfaces don't require a water test or sealing. Usually homeowners who have granite or marble installed in their home have to seal and reseal to make sure fluids don't penetrate through the surface. Verona Quartz is a product that was engineered to make things easy and give peace of mind with everyday life. Types of countertops are endless so choose a timeless piece.

Verona Quartz Surfaces has been a premier stone distributor for over 28 years, during the early nineties natural stone was the most desirable stone in the market, specifically: granite. In current times we have so many more options, as you may see online DIY countertops seems to be the new wave. Painting old countertops is a fun and temporary alternative to using quartz stone countertops that are food and air quality safe certified.

Now that you've had the opportunity to read through let me put this into perspective: Verona Quartz offers 68 colors of engineered surfaces, ranging from exterior stone to a specialized custom interior quartz countertop color palette. During your visit to our main yard that features the largest quartz selection in the San Fernando Valley you will experience customer service excellence topped with the exclusive selection that we offer.

Our main warehouse of stones is located in Sun Valley, California.

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