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Which Quartz Brand Is Best?

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

As much as you might hear that quartz is quartz; not all quartz is the same. There are significant differences between some quartz stone products that are sourced from countries that saturate the market with low quality products. A manufactured quartz stone product is completely made from scratch. During the early stages of manufacturing these quartz designs, crushed quartz mineral is the main base, because quartz is a natural mineral there are variations, quality and purities of the stone.

Which quartz brand is best and what should I do to verify if my countertops are good quality and safe?

Quartz is an engineered countertop solution, so as you decide on your new slabs you should look into the certifications. Verona Quartz products are SGS approved and are green guard indoor air-quality certified. Verona Quartz is also made in a state of the art manufacturing facility, with quality control and grade-A quartz mineral.

You may think what is "SGS" SGS is a Swiss multinational company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland which provides inspection, verification, testing and certification services. Verona Quartz customers can communicate with us , write and reply to comments and get instant feedback from our website and social media platforms.

A great indicator is the amount of quartz content used, if the countertop you are looking at has around 93-94% pure mineral quartz content, that is the required/preferred amount. The more quartz mineral their is in the engineered surface, the more dense and harder the finished product will be. So if our quartz mineral content is kept at the highest level, that means that we keep resin content low in our products, making our stone resistant to heat, staining and chipping. What makes up the rest of each slab is recycled content, color pigment and resin.

Besides the content of what's found in the stone, the process is also essential.

The quartz mineral we use is strictly-monitored and processes through an extensive inspection process. The raw materials are mixed and blended with pigments and poured into molds that form slabs. Each vein that is designed in our marble-look selection is hand-crafted. After production Verona Surfaces are cured for over 48 hours, ensuring the best finish.

Verona Quartz Surfaces products are also certified by the (B.S.I) British Standard Institute. ISO 9001, the world's most widely recognized quality management and environmental standard system.

Our commitment to sustainable manufacturing/distribution technologies are what sets us apart. As a committed supplier of quartz stones, our agenda has always been to provide high quality products, without ever compromising.

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