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A full slab image of Calacatta plata quartz, this image shows a white quartz with smokey grey veins

Calacatta Plata

SKU: VQ 8008

Calacatta Plata is a versatile and stunning quartz stone that harmonizes the purity of a white canvas with the allure of smokey grey and soft brown veins, creating an unparalleled visual symphony. This captivating quartz boasts a pristine white backdrop reminiscent of pure sophistication, setting the stage for an artistic interplay of elegantly woven smokey grey and soft brown veins. The pattern on Calacatta Plata meander across the surface with grace and finesse, infusing the stone with depth, character, and an air of understated luxury. Main uses include countertops, waterfall edges, backsplashes, wall decor, fireplaces and even floors/stairs! 

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