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Black diamond porcelain slab view, this stunning porcelain features a deep-black background and cyclone veins

Black Diamond

SKU: VQS 1121

Black Diamond is an Italian Porcelain slab that features a deep black background and a stunning white arching design. This isn't just any black surface; it's a canvas of mystery and sophistication, a testament to the elegance of natural beauty captured in porcelain form. As your eyes trace the surface, you're drawn to the mesmerizing pattern that adorns it. Like a treasure trove of rare gems, the slab features intricate cyclone veins that weave and meander, creating a symphony of shapes and angles reminiscent of gemstones. This Porcelain is offered in 12mm, large format and with four-way book-matching slabs. This stone is versatile for many uses in or out of the home such as outdoor kitchen tops, wall-clad, stone-wrapped columns, stone walls, countertops, backsplashes, fireplaces, and furniture decor. The possibilities are endless with the right material, create inspiring spaces with this bold and brilliant design. 

Slab Size: 126" x 64" | Thickness: 0.5" ( 12MM ) 

Material: Porcelain | Application: Interior & Exterior Surfaces 

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