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Is quartz man made?

Read along to take a deeep dive into the manufacturing proccess of this natural quartz stone surface and find out if quartz is man made or not. Some designs from Verona Quartz Surfaces are composed of 93-94% quartz mineral and 6-7% is eco-friendly resin and stable pigment/polyemers. This mixture is essential to create the most durable countertop option in the kitchen or bathroom.

Granite and various natural stones contain up to 50-60% of quartz mineral. What makes certain quartz designs man made is the proccess. Colors such as our Calacatta from our exotic marble series (marble looks) have natural strokes of vein pattern that are created by hand, so in this aspect some quartz have man made proccesses.

To be clear to our audience; Engineered Quartz and Quartzite are differnt materials. Quartz is made using natural quartz mineral, while quartzite is quarried and finished/polished by machine.

illustration of Is Quartz man made
Quartz Mineral

With that being said some designs like the Sparkle Black (Black Galaxy Quartz) is entirely created by utilizing natural quartz mineral in a machine made production that crushes quartz, recycled materials and forms these stunning surfaces that sparkle. Colors that are in our Galaxy Collection don't require much laborious work by people, it is much more automated and commercial project friendly.

With the right formula and systems all designs are possible with engineered surfaces, see our 92 colors of quartz here.

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