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Affordable Quartz Countertops - Los Angeles

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Verona Quartz Surfaces is home to cost-effective natural quartz mineral-made engineered stones. Our countertops are designed to reflect and innovate marble.

Our recommendations for quartz colors to choose for your kitchen are:

  1. Bianco Venatino (Quartz)

  2. Bianco Carrara (Quartz)

  3. Bianco Statuary (Quartz)

  4. Selene (Quartz)

  5. Furrito (Quartz)

  6. Sparkle White (Quartz)

  7. Sparkle Grey (Quartz)

  8. Oyster White (Quartz)

  9. Pure White (Quartz)

  10. White Carrara (Quartz)


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