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Sets the standard for interior kitchen countertops. Countertops in the kitchen should express a design theme that is contained throughout your home. Bright white quartz and quartz that looks like marble is what we produce. Quartz slabs, crystal white quartz, calacatta quartz, and quartz that looks like granite. 

Besides keeping current with new design trends, we believe in creating new colors that transform the kitchen and inspire interior designers to utilize quartz Verona for their portfolio of projects. Being the premier quartz stone supplier here in Los Angeles, we provide our clientele with variety, quality, and style.


Our products are available nationwide in the USA.

Verona Quartz Is A Leading Provider Of Durable Eco-Friendly Surfaces For Kitchen/Bathroom Countertops

We are dedicated to providing an exceptional level of service - guaranteed customer satisfaction

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ms calacatta verona quartz countertops
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